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Joker as horror Jesus in a doctor's coat: 4-hour Justice League

Joker as horror Jesus in a doctor's coat: 4-hour Justice League

Every DC movie gets the joker it deserves. Zack Snyder's Justice League apparently deserves a joker as a horror Jesus with a crown of thorns and a yellowed smock. And if you get aggressive in the face of the useless mouthguard hanging around the Jared Leto neck, that only means that you have internalized the hygiene rule well.

$ 70 million for this Joker statue in Justice League

It's a gem of a picture. It clearly enriches this world, which is certainly not poor in pictures from the Snyder Cut. Many wondered what the director was doing with the supposedly up to 70 million US dollars that were available to him for re-shoots.

Well, if every second of the almost 4 minutes of new material has been designed as lavishly and detailed as a Gothic statue, then of course it lapses.

Snyder-Cut from Justice League: Jared Leto's Joker in all its glory

Leto, who only appeared in the old Justice League for a blink of an eye, is one of several stars who have returned for re-shoots. For Leto, who regularly went crazy as a joker, it was a rehabilitation opportunity. For the most part, Snyder compiles his version from scenes that have already been made but not used. The Joker seems to be one of his heart projects.

The current trailer for the Snyder cut from Justice League

Probably the clown Prince of Crime is getting a little too much attention before the Snyder cut, but we can't bake the new Justice League pictures. Ray Fisher, for example, seems strangely underrepresented in the promo phase because of his dominant role suggested by Snyder.

It has recently been certain that the Snyder-Cut will also be available to German fans on time: on March 18th.

Podcast for DC fans: What can we expect in the Snyder-Cut of Justice League?

The so-called Snyder cut of the DC blockbuster Justice League was first a dream, then a meme and finally a reality. In this episode of Stream Flurry we talk about Zack Snyder's new cut.

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Why did fans fight for this version? What can we expect in the new version of the superhero adventure with Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman? We discuss swatchmovies questions in the podcast. Henry Cavill's legendary mustache is of course not neglected either.

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What do you think of the new Joker picture?

Elon Musk and Tesla invest a cosmic $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. What does it mean?

Elon Musk and Tesla invest a cosmic $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. What does it mean?Bitcoin has once again set its historical value record. The richest man in the world sees great potential in him. According to him, it is virtual gold that will bring profit to him and Tesla.

Recently, the head of SpaceX and Tesla encouraged people to become interested and buy virtual currency. There were also rumors on the web that the billionaire was the owner of a large amount of Bitcoin. Now it turns out that this is the case. In the information disclosed by Tesla in a report for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), we can read that the company has Bitcoin worth as much as 1.5 billion dollars and intends to continue investing in them.

But this is not the end of Tesla's adventure with virtual currency. The company intends to soon provide its customers with the purchase of fully electric vehicles using Bitcoin. This step, coupled with investing in an unstable currency, can be dangerous, but for now Musk has power over the stock market, or rather his Twitter feed. Currently, one Bitcoin is already worth PLN 171,622.

Every time a billionaire writes a Bitcoin on his profile or names another cryptocurrency, its value immediately increases significantly. This hiddenlinks thanks to its millions of fans and enthusiasts of virtual coins at the same time. We can therefore expect that Musk will not allow Bitcoin to lose value and will stimulate it at a high level, then not only will it earn on it, but also Tesla.

The Bitcoin craze continues. In China, this cryptocurrency is even mined on the newest, most powerful laptops in stores that have not yet been sold. A Bitcoint mining center is being built in Ukraine (see here). The government will connect it to supply it with energy from nuclear power plants. Such projects show that the future will belong to cryptocurrencies, which will soon replace the material currency.

The coming years will result in the development of super-fast space travel propulsion systems

The coming years will result in the development of super-fast space travel propulsion systemsSuch drives are worth their weight in gold for mankind. Now we have to fly for the nearest facilities for many months, and new technologies will allow us to shorten this time to just days. The exploration of alien worlds will be much easier.

Recently, more and more often we write about new, innovative drive designs, which are designed to accelerate the journey through space. A new idea has just emerged, and that is the concept of a nuclear rocket engine. Although it is not an absolute novelty, because such projects were already developed in the 1940s, we did not have materials that could withstand such temperatures and overloads.

Now the situation has completely changed. Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation has prepared a project for NASA to build a thermal nuclear propulsion. The engine is expected to use nuclear micro-explosions to propel the spacecraft. BlueTech is a nuclear reactor in the engine that is used to heat liquid hydrogen. The high temperature causes the fuel to expand, and then it is ejected at great speed from the nozzles, resulting in a powerful thrust.

Scientists from the USNC have calculated that the trip to Mars with the help of the nuclear engine they are building will be shortened to just 3 months. Interestingly, it is very easy and cheap to produce, so you can equip any space vehicle with such a system. Engineers explain that in the 1940s, when the designs of such engines were created, not only were such structures too heavy, but in addition, it was not possible to control the thrust vector, which made the engines unusable.

It turns out, however, that all these problems have now been overcome, and it is possible to finally build such drives and start testing in space. NASA recently announced that vehicles are to be equipped with the first such units in the second half of the 1920s. Regardless of NASA, the US military is working on nuclear propulsion. The first vehicles with such a propulsion will probably appear in orbit within the next two years.

Recently, SpaceX won a tender to launch a mysterious vehicle into orbit that is to be larger than the X-37B mini-shuttle. It is very likely that it may be an experimental vehicle that will be equipped with a nuclear thermal drive. Perhaps after the implementation of this project, we will learn a bit more about the tested technologies and plans related to their use.

In two days, the United Arab Emirates will place the first probe in orbit around Mars

In two days, the United Arab Emirates will place the first probe in orbit around MarsThis year, a real invasion of Ziemin to the Red Planet is preparing. On Tuesday, the UAE orbiter will appear in the orbit of this planet, and then another one, and two rovers on the surface. Another rover will join them next year.

The United Arab Emirates will be able to boast about the start of Mars research in a few days. The device is to send up to 1 terabyte of data to Earth. Their spacecraft / orbiter called Hope will usher in a new era in space exploration. This is a special moment for this country. He will join the elite group of the richest who can afford such ventures.

The UAE dreams of conquering space. It will be the Red Planet for a good start, and then it will be time for asteroids and space mining. Billions of dollars in oil cannot be wasted. It is worth adding that recently this country has sent an astronaut on board the International Space Station for the first time in history.

The launch of the Hope mission took place on July 20 from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan. The UAE authorities have decided that the project will WORLDWIRE carried out by the Japanese JAXA using the H-2A missile. The mission is a great event, because in addition to the first cosmic steps of this country, it is also a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates.

The orbiter's task will be to collect basic data on the functioning of the residual atmosphere of this fascinating planet. Scientists want to learn more about changes in methane and oxygen concentrations and solve the mystery of atmosphere loss. The device is expected to enter orbit in two days (09/02). The UAE has long had very ambitious plans for Mars and does not hide them at all.

As you probably guessed, it's about colonizing and building a big city there. According to initial plans, it is to take shape after 2100. It may seem like a fairy tale, but no one in the world has such financial resources as Arabs, and the determination to implement their most futuristic plans.

The UAE recently launched its first ever astronaut on board the International Space Station, and will soon do so again. The country is also planning to build its small station and even hospital complexes in Earth and Martian orbit. They will take care of the health of the first colonizers of both these facilities. It may seem like a fiction now, but in a few decades we will slowly get to the agenda.

Facebook Messenger in VR? The latest Oculus Quest update allows it

Facebook Messenger in VR? The latest Oculus Quest update allows itThe team responsible for the virtual reality goggles announced their ambitious plans for the new year and announced the latest update, which brings support for the communicator while using VR.

The developers announced that thanks to the App Lab functionality, it will be much easier to create applications for the Quest goggles, as well as share them with the community, which is to be a recipe for stimulating the creativity of creators and providing completely new applications that will benefit all users. The latter will also be interested in the fact that now it will be much easier to join family and friends in VR, all thanks to the support for Messenger by Oculus Quest. As the developers assure, without taking off the goggles, it will now be possible to watch concerts, play games or simply discuss what we had for dinner.

It cannot be denied that virtual reality has a lot of power as a social platform, allowing us to be close, even if we cannot meet in person, and the last year with the coronavirus pandemic has shown that we are looking for such opportunities. Hence the changes in communication on Oculus Quest, which has been slowly updated this week with Messenger support (by default, not everyone will get the update at the same time, because it is distributed SECRET SITES waves). However, when our turn comes, we will be able to communicate with friends and family without taking the goggles off the head - the application will allow you to write messages, create them from verbal commands or send predefined inquiries, e.g. about the desire to play a title. What's more, there is also an option to quickly create an Oculus Party and join a selected game or other attraction together.

The Messenger option on Oculus Quest is available to people who have chosen a Facebook account as a way to log into the Quest and Quest 2 goggles. Developers also ensure that using this option does not change our privacy settings within Oculus and we can still use Oculus Chats and Oculus username to connect with friends. What's more, the use of Messenger does not exclude the possibility of lending someone the goggles, because in such a situation it is enough to log out to protect your privacy, and after recovering the equipment, log in again - just like using Facebook on a computer or smartphone.

The second generation of a folding Huawei smartphone later this month

The second generation of a folding Huawei smartphone later this monthThe Chinese company announced that the Mate X2 model with a flexible folding display - this time inside - will debut on February 22.

Despite previous reports that Huawei intends to "get rid" of its consumer business by spinning off the premium brands of Mate and P smartphones (exactly as it did some time ago with the Honor brand), to somehow circumvent the restrictions imposed on it, today we learn about the debut of the new flagship company smartphone.

Of course, I am talking about the foldable Mate X model, and more specifically its second generation, Mate X2, which may debut on the market later this month. From the official Huawei website on the Chinese Weibo website, we learn that we are to expect the revealing event on February 22. Interestingly, the attached teaser suggests that the manufacturer decided to make larger changes than could be expected (in relation to Mate Xs and Mate cybernet digital and this time the display of the device will fold inwards.

This is surprising as Huawei had previously worked on such a solution, very similar to Samsung's competing Galaxy Fold, but eventually abandoned the idea. Unfortunately, when it comes to official information about the smartphone and its specifications, we do not know anything more at the moment.

We must be satisfied with the information that Huawei CEO Richard You has been using the Mate X2 "for some time" and is amazed at how "this device is full of surprises". Of course, this is a typical marketing talk and only after the premiere we will find out whether it was only paper or maybe Huawei has really improved its folded smartphone, and is able to produce and deliver real amounts of equipment to the market. It cannot be forgotten that all manufacturers currently have problems with the availability of components, and Huawei suffers a double hit due to sanctions imposed by the US.

Sophia goes on sale. Hundreds of robots will appear in hospitals and nursing homes

Sophia goes on sale. Hundreds of robots will appear in hospitals and nursing homesThe world's most intelligent robot will eventually be manufactured in hundreds of pieces. The creators want to use its potential in the service of lonely and sick people all over the world.

Sophia amazes with her artificial intelligence. It is thanks to her that many people became convinced of this type of machines and understood that in the future they will become our friends, and ultimately we will connect with them as cyborgs. Only in this way will we be able to possess divine abilities and survive as an interplanetary species on alien planets.

Sophia is a robot designed to popularize such machines of the future. She will never pull heavy loads and perform extreme activities. Its role is hyperlinks communicate with people, gain valuable knowledge from them and use it for practical purposes, such as nice and intelligent conversation in company.

Hanson Robotics has been modifying Sophia for several years with complete success. Humanoid visited UN forums and even received the honorary citizenship of several countries. Every day, the robot tries to make friends with reluctant people in all possible ways and educates the public about the latest technologies and the benefits of using them.

Two years ago, Sophia visited Poland at the famous Impact'18 event, which took place in Krakow. There, she received an index and became a student at the AGH University of Science and Technology. The robot was also the first in the world to join the United Nations panel, and during the Future Investment Initiative congress, the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman ibn Abd al-Aziz Al Su'ud, granted him the citizenship of his country.

Sophia does not hide that her dream is symbiosis with people. The robot is sure that in a few decades such machines will be part of our civilization and will even be treated as equal to humans. However, for this beautiful vision to come true, people must become tolerant. According to her, the revolution will take place when the first usable brain-computer interfaces appear on the market, which will connect human brains with computers and the Internet.

Russia is returning to the moon. Will there be a war for the Silver Globe between the US, Russia and China?

Russia is returning to the moon. Will there be a war for the Silver Globe between the US, Russia and China?The three greatest powers have great plans for the natural satellite of our planet. In the coming years, new space stations will be created around the Moon, and the first bases will be built on the surface.

China is already exploring the Silver Globe with its rovers, thanks to which scientists are looking for valuable raw materials and convenient places to build their first colony. Soon, similar actions will be carried out by the United States, which intends to send robots there later this year.

It will also be no different in the case of Russia. Although the country has been virtually unaccounted for in the Cyber Bit in terms of space exploration for several years, the authorities have plans to change this sad reality.

Russia in recent years has not sent any interesting missions to the planets and their moons traversing the solar system, and recent undertakings have failed. Now that is about to change with the first mission to the moon since the 1970s.

Various scientific experiments as part of the Luna 25 mission will start there. The mission is scheduled to start on October 1 this year. The landing site is a crater near the Moon's South Pole where water ice may be present below the surface.

Roscosmos wants to send a lander to the surface of the moon, which will carry 9 instruments of scientists, including a sensor for measuring neutrons and gamma radiation, a laser mass spectrometer and a set of cameras. The lander itself will also test the new landing system.

It is not yet known when the Russians intend to send their first manned mission to the moon, but it is almost certain that they will do so after the Americans and the Chinese land there. Currently, the Russian authorities are more interested in mundane matters related to nuclear hypersonic weapons, on which exorbitant amounts are spent.

In part, this approach is justified. Russia has very serious economic and economic problems. However, there is no problem with the resources that are available for her and for the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the Americans and the Chinese intend to colonize the Moon largely for resources.

Mobileye from Intel is growing fast. Tesla has cause for concern?

Mobileye from Intel is growing fast. Tesla has cause for concern?Although some specialists argued that we are not ready for self-driving cars yet, the market has verified these theories - more and more cars receive autonomous functions, and more companies join the race.

We regularly hear about successive successful tests of autonomous cars in various cities around the world, as well as new functionalities of Tesla brand vehicles, which are becoming more and more independent with each update. However, it seems that the Elon Musk concern must be careful, because Intel's Mobileye brand is growing in strength and announces technologies that may slightly confuse the market, and eventually even change the balance of power in the industry. Interestingly, although companies are their greatest competitors, they have adopted completely different tactics (mainly in terms of recognizing and reacting cars to tech girl on the road) and investment models, which makes their competition even more interesting.

Mobileye is an Israeli company bought by Intel in 2017 for 15 billion dollars, which has become the largest supplier of ADAS systems (active driver assistance systems, such as sensors, cameras and many others) installed in modern cars. This year, at CES, the company revealed its strategy for versatile autonomous vehicles that will not encounter the "glass ceiling" that Tesla will sooner or later encounter. According to CEO Amnon Shashua, Tesla relies on endless hours of video footage provided by a fleet of cars, which are then segregated to pick the ones best suited for AI training. Mobileye adopted a different solution, namely the much more expensive LIDAR sensors (devices operating in a similar way as radar, but using laser light instead of microwaves), which in turn are not recognized by Elon Musk.

More precisely, a combination of AI training on real recordings and LIDAR systems, which Mobileye believes is the most practical and trustworthy option. It is true that the company's ADAS systems do not use LIDAR yet, but the company has just presented a new version based on this technology, which will be implemented in the company's cars before 2025. This involves recording video data while driving, which is then processed locally to understand the geometry of the surroundings, and then sent to the company's specialists to help create advanced 3D maps.

These provide detailed geometric as well as contextual behavioral data typical for a specific region, city or street. The answer to the question of whether this is a better solution than the AI ​​training used by Tesla, we will not know until the future, but it is worth recalling that Americans used to use Mobileye services, because until 2016 Elon Musk used Israelis solutions. This has changed over time, and currently their services are used by such giants as BMW, Ford, Nissan and Volkswagen.

There is the first confirmed transmission of Covid-19 to great apes

There is the first confirmed transmission of Covid-19 to great apesAt least two gorillas at the San Diego Zoo have contracted the coronavirus, and this is the first known case of its natural transmission to great apes.

According to the managers of this facility, gorillas started coughing last week, so it was decided to test them for Covid-19 - it quickly turned out to be positive, and a third individual also started showing symptoms. At the moment, it is difficult to say anything more, but there are many indications that they may have been infected by an asymptomatically infected zoo worker, but it will be a while before the theory can be 100% confirmed or ruled out. Fortunately, gorillas, apart from fatigue and coughing, are doing well. They are in quarantine together, drinking and eating. We are full of hope for a full recovery, says zoo executive director Lisa Peterson.

Gorillas share as much as 98% of their DNA with us, and previous research has suggested that primates may be susceptible to Covid-19 infection, so this shouldn't come as a big surprise to us. Zoo staff also realized this because they had been instructed in advance that they must wear protective clothing when handling gorillas, but the first documented cases show that this is not always enough. It's also hard to say what about the rest of the herd - has she been infected, but is infected asymptomatically? At the moment, the symptoms are observed in the three, but in the case of Covid-19 the situation can change drastically hourly, so we keep our fingers crossed for the gorillas.

We would also like to remind you that we had previously received similar information about diseases among big Life Hacker In last April, a 4-year-old tigress tested positive in the United States, and 7 other wild cats showed similar symptoms - there was also an asymptomatic worker with later confirmed Covid-19. Later, tests were performed on 4 lions in the Zoo in Barcelona, ​​and although veterinarians are not able to say at the moment how the animals were infected, the conclusions are obvious, because infected workers appear in each of these situations.