A close-up of Jupiter and Saturn through the lens of a probe orbiting the Moon NASA had a great idea to capture this historic event in an image with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft orbiting the Moon. The effect is spectacular.

While many amateur astronomers have succeeded in making far better images of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn from the surface of our planet than what you will see in a moment, this project is extraordinary in itself. We are talking about a probe that was designed to photograph and study the surface of the moon, and not to distant objects traversing the solar system.

Either way, it's nice to see this event, which last took place 400 years ago, and the next time it will happen 60 years from now, from the perspective of a device beyond our planet. NASA scientists plan that in a decade or two, even more interesting observations will be conducted from the surface of the Moon or Mars by the first colonizers.

Then all fans of astronomical phenomena will have a lot of fun from admiring them from many perspectives and at different times. Coming back to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter probe, it has been researching the Moon for 11 years, and it is thanks to it that you have been able to see such great quality images of the natural satellite of our planet many times.