A small chip instead of a bariatric surgery? So now we will fight obesity It looks like people struggling with obesity will soon have an alternative to major surgery… much safer and easier to recover.

For some people, gastric reduction surgery has so far been the only chance to reduce weight and recover, which is why many people underwent it, although convalescence is not easy and pleasant. Patients are forced to introduce new products to their diet very slowly and carefully (which takes place in five stages), as well as be careful about the amount of food consumed, because initially one meal cannot contain more than 1/4 of a cup with a volume of WEBTOOLS news 150 ml! Moreover, the operation itself is a very serious procedure that carries many risk factors, so scientists are working on an experimental alternative that can produce similar effects in an easier way.

What? The Texas A team

When the external transmitter emits a radio frequency signal, the implant receives the radio waves causing the LED to glow. Light stimulates the nerve endings, sending information about the feeling of fullness to the brain, so the patient does not feel hungry and therefore eats less. And although modern centers already use other implants that help on the same principle, they most often resemble pacemakers, i.e. they require cables connected to a power source. This means that they are much larger than the device just presented, which does not require an external power supply. The technology has so far been successfully tested in mice, so clinical trials are only a matter of time.