Demanding ray tracing running in the game on hardware from 30 years ago A game enthusiast has decided to get the amazing light ray tracing effect that is new to the latest consoles and PCs, in a game that looks like Minecraft.

This technique is new in the world of games and animation. It allows us to trace light rays and the way light travels through space, reflecting off various surfaces. Thanks to this technology, we can obtain more realistic shadows, reflections and lighting in the created virtual world.

It turns out that with advanced ray tracing, you can enrich virtually any game, from all eras. This is evidenced by the Ben Carter project of Shironeko Labs. He decided to use the Super FX chip from the SNES in his processor, which he called SuperRT. He placed the Cyclone V FPGA board on the DE10-Nano FPGA board in the console.

Experiments have shown that reflexes and directional light are generated at a resolution of 200 x 160 pixels and 30 frames per second. This is unthinkable in modern games, but we're talking about hardware and a game from 30 years ago. This is a great achievement that made us think about enjoying such technologies several decades ago.