Elon Musk and Tesla invest a cosmic $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. What does it mean? Bitcoin has once again set its historical value record. The richest man in the world sees great potential in him. According to him, it is virtual gold that will bring profit to him and Tesla.

Recently, the head of SpaceX and Tesla encouraged people to become interested and buy virtual currency. There were also rumors on the web that the billionaire was the owner of a large amount of Bitcoin. Now it turns out that this is the case. In the information disclosed by Tesla in a report for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), we can read that the company has Bitcoin worth as much as 1.5 billion dollars and intends to continue investing in them.

But this is not the end of Tesla's adventure with virtual currency. The company intends to soon provide its customers with the purchase of fully electric vehicles using Bitcoin. This step, coupled with investing in an unstable currency, can be dangerous, but for now Musk has power over the stock market, or rather his Twitter feed. Currently, one Bitcoin is already worth PLN 171,622.

Every time a billionaire writes a Bitcoin on his profile or names another cryptocurrency, its value immediately increases significantly. This hiddenlinks thanks to its millions of fans and enthusiasts of virtual coins at the same time. We can therefore expect that Musk will not allow Bitcoin to lose value and will stimulate it at a high level, then not only will it earn on it, but also Tesla.

The Bitcoin craze continues. In China, this cryptocurrency is even mined on the newest, most powerful laptops in stores that have not yet been sold. A Bitcoint mining center is being built in Ukraine (see here). The government will connect it to supply it with energy from nuclear power plants. Such projects show that the future will belong to cryptocurrencies, which will soon replace the material currency.