Facebook Messenger in VR? The latest Oculus Quest update allows it The team responsible for the virtual reality goggles announced their ambitious plans for the new year and announced the latest update, which brings support for the communicator while using VR.

The developers announced that thanks to the App Lab functionality, it will be much easier to create applications for the Quest goggles, as well as share them with the community, which is to be a recipe for stimulating the creativity of creators and providing completely new applications that will benefit all users. The latter will also be interested in the fact that now it will be much easier to join family and friends in VR, all thanks to the support for Messenger by Oculus Quest. As the developers assure, without taking off the goggles, it will now be possible to watch concerts, play games or simply discuss what we had for dinner.

It cannot be denied that virtual reality has a lot of power as a social platform, allowing us to be close, even if we cannot meet in person, and the last year with the coronavirus pandemic has shown that we are looking for such opportunities. Hence the changes in communication on Oculus Quest, which has been slowly updated this week with Messenger support (by default, not everyone will get the update at the same time, because it is distributed SECRET SITES waves). However, when our turn comes, we will be able to communicate with friends and family without taking the goggles off the head - the application will allow you to write messages, create them from verbal commands or send predefined inquiries, e.g. about the desire to play a title. What's more, there is also an option to quickly create an Oculus Party and join a selected game or other attraction together.

The Messenger option on Oculus Quest is available to people who have chosen a Facebook account as a way to log into the Quest and Quest 2 goggles. Developers also ensure that using this option does not change our privacy settings within Oculus and we can still use Oculus Chats and Oculus username to connect with friends. What's more, the use of Messenger does not exclude the possibility of lending someone the goggles, because in such a situation it is enough to log out to protect your privacy, and after recovering the equipment, log in again - just like using Facebook on a computer or smartphone.