Joker as horror Jesus in a doctor's coat: 4-hour Justice League

Every DC movie gets the joker it deserves. Zack Snyder's Justice League apparently deserves a joker as a horror Jesus with a crown of thorns and a yellowed smock. And if you get aggressive in the face of the useless mouthguard hanging around the Jared Leto neck, that only means that you have internalized the hygiene rule well.

$ 70 million for this Joker statue in Justice League

It's a gem of a picture. It clearly enriches this world, which is certainly not poor in pictures from the Snyder Cut. Many wondered what the director was doing with the supposedly up to 70 million US dollars that were available to him for re-shoots.

Well, if every second of the almost 4 minutes of new material has been designed as lavishly and detailed as a Gothic statue, then of course it lapses.

Snyder-Cut from Justice League: Jared Leto's Joker in all its glory

Leto, who only appeared in the old Justice League for a blink of an eye, is one of several stars who have returned for re-shoots. For Leto, who regularly went crazy as a joker, it was a rehabilitation opportunity. For the most part, Snyder compiles his version from scenes that have already been made but not used. The Joker seems to be one of his heart projects.

The current trailer for the Snyder cut from Justice League

Probably the clown Prince of Crime is getting a little too much attention before the Snyder cut, but we can't bake the new Justice League pictures. Ray Fisher, for example, seems strangely underrepresented in the promo phase because of his dominant role suggested by Snyder.

It has recently been certain that the Snyder-Cut will also be available to German fans on time: on March 18th.

Podcast for DC fans: What can we expect in the Snyder-Cut of Justice League?

The so-called Snyder cut of the DC blockbuster Justice League was first a dream, then a meme and finally a reality. In this episode of Stream Flurry we talk about Zack Snyder's new cut.

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Why did fans fight for this version? What can we expect in the new version of the superhero adventure with Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman? We discuss swatchmovies questions in the podcast. Henry Cavill's legendary mustache is of course not neglected either.

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