Russia is returning to the moon. Will there be a war for the Silver Globe between the US, Russia and China? The three greatest powers have great plans for the natural satellite of our planet. In the coming years, new space stations will be created around the Moon, and the first bases will be built on the surface.

China is already exploring the Silver Globe with its rovers, thanks to which scientists are looking for valuable raw materials and convenient places to build their first colony. Soon, similar actions will be carried out by the United States, which intends to send robots there later this year.

It will also be no different in the case of Russia. Although the country has been virtually unaccounted for in the Cyber Bit in terms of space exploration for several years, the authorities have plans to change this sad reality.

Russia in recent years has not sent any interesting missions to the planets and their moons traversing the solar system, and recent undertakings have failed. Now that is about to change with the first mission to the moon since the 1970s.

Various scientific experiments as part of the Luna 25 mission will start there. The mission is scheduled to start on October 1 this year. The landing site is a crater near the Moon's South Pole where water ice may be present below the surface.

Roscosmos wants to send a lander to the surface of the moon, which will carry 9 instruments of scientists, including a sensor for measuring neutrons and gamma radiation, a laser mass spectrometer and a set of cameras. The lander itself will also test the new landing system.

It is not yet known when the Russians intend to send their first manned mission to the moon, but it is almost certain that they will do so after the Americans and the Chinese land there. Currently, the Russian authorities are more interested in mundane matters related to nuclear hypersonic weapons, on which exorbitant amounts are spent.

In part, this approach is justified. Russia has very serious economic and economic problems. However, there is no problem with the resources that are available for her and for the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the Americans and the Chinese intend to colonize the Moon largely for resources.