The second generation of a folding Huawei smartphone later this month The Chinese company announced that the Mate X2 model with a flexible folding display - this time inside - will debut on February 22.

Despite previous reports that Huawei intends to "get rid" of its consumer business by spinning off the premium brands of Mate and P smartphones (exactly as it did some time ago with the Honor brand), to somehow circumvent the restrictions imposed on it, today we learn about the debut of the new flagship company smartphone.

Of course, I am talking about the foldable Mate X model, and more specifically its second generation, Mate X2, which may debut on the market later this month. From the official Huawei website on the Chinese Weibo website, we learn that we are to expect the revealing event on February 22. Interestingly, the attached teaser suggests that the manufacturer decided to make larger changes than could be expected (in relation to Mate Xs and Mate cybernet digital and this time the display of the device will fold inwards.

This is surprising as Huawei had previously worked on such a solution, very similar to Samsung's competing Galaxy Fold, but eventually abandoned the idea. Unfortunately, when it comes to official information about the smartphone and its specifications, we do not know anything more at the moment.

We must be satisfied with the information that Huawei CEO Richard You has been using the Mate X2 "for some time" and is amazed at how "this device is full of surprises". Of course, this is a typical marketing talk and only after the premiere we will find out whether it was only paper or maybe Huawei has really improved its folded smartphone, and is able to produce and deliver real amounts of equipment to the market. It cannot be forgotten that all manufacturers currently have problems with the availability of components, and Huawei suffers a double hit due to sanctions imposed by the US.