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Another Starship prototype is already on the launch pad. Tests this year

Although the SN8 prototype made a successful flight, it ended in a major explosion and destruction of the vehicle. After all, this is why tests are performed to detect and eliminate all defects earlier. Elon Musk announced that the test collected valuable data that will allow the maiden flight of SN9 to be carried out from start to finish in a perfect way.

Volkswagen built an autonomous robot for easy charging of electric vehicles

The R2-D2 for electricians is currently in the prototype phase, but the concern is already testing it extensively at several charging stations for electric vehicles, both in its home town of Wolfsburg and in several cities in China where the vehicles are very popular. Volkswagen representatives announced that the first robots will appear in commercial use in a few months.

There is the first confirmed transmission of Covid-19 to great apes

According to the managers of this facility, gorillas started coughing last week, so it was decided to test them for Covid-19 - it quickly turned out to be positive, and a third individual also started showing symptoms. At the moment, it is difficult to say anything more, but there are many indications that they may have been infected by an asymptomatically infected zoo worker, but it will be a while before the theory can be 100% confirmed or ruled out. Fortunately, gorillas, apart from fatigue and coughing, are doing well. They are in quarantine together, drinking and eating. We are full of hope for a full recovery, says zoo executive director Lisa Peterson.

Russia is returning to the moon. Will there be a war for the Silver Globe between the US, Russia and China?

China is already exploring the Silver Globe with its rovers, thanks to which scientists are looking for valuable raw materials and convenient places to build their first colony. Soon, similar actions will be carried out by the United States, which intends to send robots there later this year.

Sophia goes on sale. Hundreds of robots will appear in hospitals and nursing homes

Sophia amazes with her artificial intelligence. It is thanks to her that many people became convinced of this type of machines and understood that in the future they will become our friends, and ultimately we will connect with them as cyborgs. Only in this way will we be able to possess divine abilities and survive as an interplanetary species on alien planets.

The second generation of a folding Huawei smartphone later this month

Despite previous reports that Huawei intends to "get rid" of its consumer business by spinning off the premium brands of Mate and P smartphones (exactly as it did some time ago with the Honor brand), to somehow circumvent the restrictions imposed on it, today we learn about the debut of the new flagship company smartphone.

The coming years will result in the development of super-fast space travel propulsion systems

Recently, more and more often we write about new, innovative drive designs, which are designed to accelerate the journey through space. A new idea has just emerged, and that is the concept of a nuclear rocket engine. Although it is not an absolute novelty, because such projects were already developed in the 1940s, we did not have materials that could withstand such temperatures and overloads.