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Another Starship prototype is already on the launch pad. Tests this year

Although the SN8 prototype made a successful flight, it ended in a major explosion and destruction of the vehicle. After all, this is why tests are performed to detect and eliminate all defects earlier. Elon Musk announced that the test collected valuable data that will allow the maiden flight of SN9 to be carried out from start to finish in a perfect way.

A former NASA astronaut is building a plasma engine that will allow us to quickly reach Mars

So far, in the context of the rocket for the first flight to Mars, only solutions from NASA and SpaceX have been mentioned, but it seems that another one has just joined them, namely Ad Astra, which is working on a rocket with a plasma engine. If this plan is successful, it will most likely be possible to send a much larger crew to the Red Planet than planned, and the space journey will take three times less time than traditional rockets.

The new hypercars accelerate to 530 km / h. Braking looks like a volcanic eruption

Bugatti recently announced that it has created the world's first solid piece of titanium brake caliper using a 3D printer. Now we can see how the disc and caliper heat up when braking from just 380 km / h. We are just writing because the 1750 hp SSC Tuatara braking system must withstand speeds of over 500 km / h.

We haven't seen such a well-preserved Ice Age wolf yet

The mummified little she-wolf - in perfect condition - was discovered by people involved in gold mining in Canada in 2016, but only now have we learned the secrets it holds. \u201cHe's the most complete Ice Age wolf we've ever found. All her soft tissues, her hair, her skin, and even her tiny nose are there. It's just complete. And that's very rare, explains study author Julie Meachen of Des Moines University. The specimen underwent a number of highly detailed analyzes, including radiocarbon dating, DNA sampling, and measurements of oxygen isotope levels. Thanks to this, we know exactly when the puppy died, and we know its age at the time of death, which was only 7 weeks.

We know when Virgin Orbit will launch a rocket from the plane. NASA missions will be on board

The first presentation took place in May 2020 at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Virgin Orbit has announced that the take-off, flight and landing of the Boeing 747 Cosmic Girl and the launch of the rocket suspended from the plane were successful. Unfortunately, her flight was unsuccessful. The explosion occurred shortly after separation and starting the engine. It was a partial success for the company and its employees. The team had to work on their technology a little more.

Scientists have written a unique video into the DNA of living bacteria and then recreated it

Harvard University biotechnologists led by Seth Shipman have just managed to record a sequence of 5 images in the genome of a living E. coli bacterium, i.e. coliform bacteria. And not just any pictures, because they make up the famous movie called Sallie Gardner at a Gallop.

Demanding ray tracing running in the game on hardware from 30 years ago

This technique is new in the world of games and animation. It allows us to trace light rays and the way light travels through space, reflecting off various surfaces. Thanks to this technology, we can obtain more realistic shadows, reflections and lighting in the created virtual world.

He criticized the government and disappeared. Where is the Chinese billionaire and founder of Alibaba?

It all started when Jack Ma missed the November talent show he had funded himself - he was replaced by another representative of Alibaba, and a photo of the company's founder disappeared from the show. According to David Faber from CNBC, we are not dealing here with a disappearance, but only with deliberate avoidance, which is to result from the tense relations between the Chinese authorities and a huge billionaire concern. Local legislators initiated proceedings in connection with Alibaba's alleged practices violating antitrust law, and moreover introduced provisions blocking the Ant Group's IPO, i.e. Jacek Ma's empire, which amounted to approx. USD 37 million (in the backstage, it is said that including the Chinese president himself).

The Pfizer vaccine will deal with new mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

Everything changed a while ago when we heard about the British strain of the coronavirus, which is likely to be more contagious. And since it appeared after the vaccination process had started, questions arose as to whether the vaccine was prepared for it. Scientists, of course, immediately began to carry out the relevant research, and as the conclusions have just published, there is no reason to worry, because the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech is effective in the fight against 16 different mutations of the coronavirus, including the "British". According to Reuters, the vaccine does not need to be modified in order to counteract a virus that appears to be more contagious than others, according to a study by researchers at Pfizer and the University of Texas.

A small chip instead of a bariatric surgery? So now we will fight obesity

For some people, gastric reduction surgery has so far been the only chance to reduce weight and recover, which is why many people underwent it, although convalescence is not easy and pleasant. Patients are forced to introduce new products to their diet very slowly and carefully (which takes place in five stages), as well as be careful about the amount of food consumed, because initially one meal cannot contain more than 1/4 of a cup with a volume of approx. 150 ml! Moreover, the operation itself is a very serious procedure that carries many risk factors, so scientists are working on an experimental alternative that can produce similar effects in an easier way.

Mobileye from Intel is growing fast. Tesla has cause for concern?

We regularly hear about successive successful tests of autonomous cars in various cities around the world, as well as new functionalities of Tesla brand vehicles, which are becoming more and more independent with each update. However, it seems that the Elon Musk concern must be careful, because Intel's Mobileye brand is growing in strength and announces technologies that may slightly confuse the market, and eventually even change the balance of power in the industry. Interestingly, although companies are their greatest competitors, they have adopted completely different tactics (mainly in terms of recognizing and reacting cars to obstacles on the road) and investment models, which makes their competition even more interesting.

Russia is returning to the moon. Will there be a war for the Silver Globe between the US, Russia and China?

China is already exploring the Silver Globe with its rovers, thanks to which scientists are looking for valuable raw materials and convenient places to build their first colony. Soon, similar actions will be carried out by the United States, which intends to send robots there later this year.

The coming years will result in the development of super-fast space travel propulsion systems

Recently, more and more often we write about new, innovative drive designs, which are designed to accelerate the journey through space. A new idea has just emerged, and that is the concept of a nuclear rocket engine. Although it is not an absolute novelty, because such projects were already developed in the 1940s, we did not have materials that could withstand such temperatures and overloads.

Elon Musk and Tesla invest a cosmic $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. What does it mean?

Recently, the head of SpaceX and Tesla encouraged people to become interested and buy virtual currency. There were also rumors on the web that the billionaire was the owner of a large amount of Bitcoin. Now it turns out that this is the case. In the information disclosed by Tesla in a report for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), we can read that the company has Bitcoin worth as much as 1.5 billion dollars and intends to continue investing in them.